Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Free time in Palestine

Beyond the project work, there is lots to get involved with in Palestine.

Last week we helped out in Bil'in with another of the ICS volunteers and the ten year olds she teaches, which is a big change from what we do! They know basic English, and hardly any of that, so that we were going through with them was animals, numbers, basic conversations - nothing like what we do in Birzeit where the students love nothing more than discussing the big topics in life.

Since the first week we arrived, a couple of us have gone to spend time down at the football club. The players told us that it was the first time internationals had participated in their tournament. We also teach them bits of English, just basic stuff as well. The kids are of all ages, with slightly older people running it. 

It's been interesting to see how they play football here, and how much enjoyment they get out of sport.  

It's been great building relationships with the kids - whenever we see them in the street they come up and talk to us. It makes you feel at home when you feel like people know you and welcome you around the place.

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