Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Right 2 Education Week a global success

'Everyone has the right to education.'
(Article 26, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)

11-15 November this year was the global Right 2 Education Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the difficulties of accessing education under Israeli occupation. This year over 30 different organisations and student societies across the world participated in #R2Eweek and contributed to the online conversation, making it the biggest Week yet. We’ve even doubled our twitter followers! (@RIGHT_2_EDU)

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The Right 2 Education Team

Here at BZU, the national volunteers for the campaign held a series of events on campus including a workshop with Addameer (a Palestinian prisoner support and human rights organisation), an open mic activity bringing people together to share their experiences and a photo exhibition. The atmosphere here during the week was brilliant, and we all really enjoyed having the opportunity to experience the week at the heart of the campaign. It was even reported on by Ma'an News Agency

As international volunteers, our job was to coordinate and generate interest with student societies from around the world and offer support for hosting their own #R2Eweek. In order to achieve the best level of participation possible we put in a huge effort to increase the online presence of the campaign through FacebookTwitter and revamping the website. We created three documents, designed to support interested societies, an information pack for hosting #R2Eweek events, a fact sheet  to offer the most up-to-date information and a list of additional materials for further research.

During #R2Eweek itself, it was truly amazing to see and feel part of the huge show of international solidarity. Each day we published a schedule of all the events that were taking place, and it was great to see the different types of activities arranged to raise awareness. These ranged from information stalls to mock checkpoints and street theatre. The importance of utilising social media for the campaign was highlighted by the use of the hashtag #R2Eweek on Twitter and sharing photos on Facebook, as they went a long way to unifying support for the campaign.

We had a great time and are very proud to be part of the most successful Right 2 Education Week to date.

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